Oh hey there!


This Epic Love Story is a US/Canada based wedding photography company that specializes in telling your EPIC story. When you find your person, you want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m here to help you literally do that (seriously, I love rooftops!)

This project is the culmination of 10 years photographing over 300 weddings. I believe that everyone should be seen. You should be celebrated. You should be PROUD of being you. That’s exactly what This Epic Love Story is all about. Diversity, visibility, and throwing an awesome fuckin’ party.

About this girl right here…

  • cat mom

  • unofficial stepmom

  • immigrant ( US -> Canada )

  • tattooed & pierced

  • loves craft beer & espresso

  • all things sparkly plz

  • obsessed with raw spaces (ie: alleyways, warehouses, dirt roads, etc)

  • believes that love is love and that ALL LOVE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED